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Tamara left Bunyip in April 2009 seeking what she needed to know for her permaculture future. She spent 9 months at her Aunt Catherine's farm in Arid South Australia, then 9 months at Bill and Lisa Mollison's farm in Tasmania. Now she's off on more adventures starting Moonrise School of Permaculture and teaching Permaculture Design Courses in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne. Ducky is there for the journey...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bunya Nuts - fabulous bush tucker!

Hi Folks!

An extra big welcome to the wonderful women I met at Seven Sisters Festival!

Like my Bunya Nut dish above? I boiled the Bunya nuts in salt water for 30 minutes then shelled them. I sauted them with butter, salt, pepper and dried oregano - and OMGODDESS were they amazing.

These ones were found near the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. They are like giant pine nuts and were a traditional food of Aboriginal people in QLD. I recommend you find your local ones and watch them like a hawk every february :)

Its acorn season now - English oaks are dropping acorns across Melbourne and Victoria, they are generally pretty good eating - see previous posts for cooking instructions.

Chestnuts will be falling soon - keep an eye out! Pine Mushrooms should be starting now too! So much wild food!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While you're here, please - fill out my survey, it will take about 5 minutes. It will tell me what you want to learn, how and where you'll do it, and for what cost. Thanks in advance!

Survey is here! THANKS!!!

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