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Tamara left Bunyip in April 2009 seeking what she needed to know for her permaculture future. She spent 9 months at her Aunt Catherine's farm in Arid South Australia, then 9 months at Bill and Lisa Mollison's farm in Tasmania. Now she's off on more adventures starting Moonrise School of Permaculture and teaching Permaculture Design Courses in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne. Ducky is there for the journey...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Making a right livelihood in Permaculture! My first PDC with paying students!!

May 5 Upwey Permaculture Design Course
with Tamara and Ducky

I am so excited - and slightly afraid - I am running my first PDC with paying students!! 
It is starting May 5 - just before National Permaculture Day!

I finished my Upwey Tuesday Free PDC class last week. Here is our graduation day pic!

To qualify for graduation the students had to do two designs, one of an urban property and one of a village or community. The designs of presented on this final day were absolutely amazing.

I was so proud, and graduated nine terminal permies!!! 

I had so much help and inspiration from Taj Permapixie, Delvin Solkinson, Ali Ma, Robin Clayfield, Rosemary Morrow, Pete the Permie and Silvia Allen, Michelle Jones, Pepo Dib, Ed Adamthwaite and my friends in the Ultra Local Upwey Permaculture Group. Thank you so much! 

My students were incredibly supportive as well. The food they brought was wonderful! They were very good humored about my creative teaching methods and fell in love with Ducky (of course), bringing him worms and snails for snacks.  

Thanks to Lucy, Rob, Mary, Liz, Larry, Sarah, Brooke, Asha and Faye. What a great time I had!

I did Ducky and I a certificate - to remember the day :) Mum took this one for me Tuesday evening :)

Here are the details of the upcoming course! Hooray! 
Please share with your friends - help all of us earn a right livelihood in Permaculture Education!

Permaculture Design Certificate Course ~ PDC
with Tamara Griffiths and Ducky

and Melbourne’s new generation of permaculture teachers, all of which are being paid: 

Taj Permapixie (last semester of APT diploma of Permaculture), 
Pepo Dib, (Permaculture Mexico)
Mys Tee (The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture - Cal-Earth),
Michelle Jones (Transition Sherbrooke, Friends of Upwey Tecoma Community Orchard and more), 
Sarah Gorman (Sustainability Victoria, and fellow Planetary Permaculture Pilgrim), 
Seila Hierk (Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program), 
Angelo Eliades (Forest Garden creator, permaculture educator and author), 
more guests will be announced soon…

Starts May 5
running over 12 saturdays at permaculture places around Melbourne

$400 concession
$600 waged
Couples - second person - friend, family or partner gets place for half price.  
I am committed to making permaculture sustainable for couples.  

The PDC is an internationally recognized, 72 hour course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate.

Moonrise Permaculture ~ Tamara Griffiths
0407 45 7707

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