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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage! Robin Clayfield Day 3 and 4

Second blog from Crystal Waters!!

Hello beautiful people!!

I know I should have been blogging more but I am having way too much fun with the group - we've just been playing music using kitchen utensils and got onto singing and dancing to Salt n pepa. There are some awesomely musical and creative people in this group. I have to go and mop the kitchen - we are all chipping in after dinner and then I'll be back to tell you all about accelerated learning and the mammalian brain! Fun is actually very conducive to learning. It allows information to travel from the triune brain through to the neocortex and form solid memories.

Today had heaps of fun teaching the multiple intelligences - once through of a the 7 intelligences - Robin added 2 more - nature and spiritual - and we added animal intelligence - to have 10 intelligences!

We are having awesome food almost exclusively grown here or just up the road and mostly organic!

End of day 3 we had covered a lot of stuff. There is a great sticky carpet of Content: Site: Process with loads of processes for all sorts of situations.

We also did a needs based learning process where people used slips of paper to write out what we wanted to learn more on. This is a very inclusive brainstorm as everyone gets to have a go. We put similar ones together and then did a process with dots to decide which ones we would do – we picked 10 topics. They covered lots of awesome stuff like the 6 hats, teaching 2 or 3 three students, how to creatively teach parts of the PDC, pitching to the mainstream and delivering boring content!

That evening Tonia and I formed our partnership to present on the “Multiple intelligences”. Robin had evoked an extra two and we evoked an extra one – animal intelligence. Some people connect deeply with animals – we think we’re onto something here! We were pretty tired as we’d had 3 days of hot weather and our brains were full. Knowing that one wy our brains process information is to sleep on it we decided to leave it for the evening after some brainstorming.

I awoke early but still hours after sunrise. It is at 4.40 or something crazy like that up here! We were getting together at 6.30 to finish our planning – we were on at 9.30! Anyway we came up with a hugely fun 20 minutes including singing about the intelligences with Tonia pretending we were doing some fitness. We did some stuff on self care for the facilitator and had people pair off and come up with an activity that uses both people’s strengths to improve their weaknesses – the thing is that we can always work on our intelligences and improve them! xxx

There were lots of presentation that day – all really good but boy was I buggered! Above is Delvin's and Ali Ma's presentation - ROCK ROCK ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome evening of table percussion followed by you tubing salt and pepa and MC hammer and singing and dancing to the moves. Awesome night.


Delvin and I presented on what you can do post PDC – I presented on APT, and Delvin presented on the diploma and MA from the permaculture institute, we used some pretty mainstream methods like brainstorming onto s mind map and taking notes on butchers paper for each other. Then we got everyone to write an intention on what they will do after the course. People read their out in the circle and then we released the energy to the universe. I will be mailing everyone these intentions in 1 months time (also a revision time). It went really well and del and I flowed naturally from one to another. I just love teaching with him!

I needed some alone time at lunchtime, I do get worn out from group work and I even had a snooze. I didn’t think I could do the next exercise but robin started the session with music. Always works as an energiser!

Planned for presentation with Ali Ma tomorrow. As we were sitting next to the labyrinth I looked in her eyes and they were just like my grandmother’s, hazel with coloured spots.

Peaceful closing – facilitated by moi – a bird one. Birds have been hanging around all day and all week cheering us on and I thought it would be nice to give thanks to the birds – so we acted our favourite bird and walked out to the lawn and released our birds to the sky. We stayed out there talking as a group in our circle and soon there were so many birds flying through our airspace – white herons, white cockies, parrots, a crow and a whole flock of swallows, perhaps 60 of them swooping around each other as though getting insects in the air. It was so beautiful and we all felt it. When I went back outside after packing up all the birds had gone. Lovely.

Pasta and pesto for dinner with salad from the nearby organic vegie grower.

We have a very musical group – we are singing to powderfinger as I type :) We just did some wonderful processes called windows of the world. I had card of a grandmother and child, Zoe had a card that represents her mother, Kathleen had a card of the earth mother and Robin had a sunflower – mother of all who is. The sunflower is also my grandmother’s favourite flower, I made her a leadlight of one 18 years ago and which was returned to me not long ago. A message of hello came through from my grandmother who died. It was really sweet as I hadn't heard from her since she passed away a few months ago. I told the group this story and felt held in love by them all,

more when I get a chance!!!!! Love from Tamara, Ali Ma and Delvin!!!!!!!!

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